Pikes Peak View

SKOL Ranch Logo elevationTips for Elevation

Etter’s SKOL Ranch sits at 8200 ft. in the Rocky Mountains. We have beautiful vantage points of Pike’s Peak, Colorado’s most majestic 14’er, from multiple points on our property. If you are not used to being at this elevation, you may experience a few side effects during your stay while your body is adjusting to less oxygen.

The Basics

  1. You may feel winded or out of breath. Even if you’re in great shape, being at a higher altitude will impact your breathing if you’re not used to it. Take your time, go slow, and breathe.
  2. Bring ibuprofen or Tylenol. Sometimes altitude can cause head pressure.
    Over the counter anti-inflammatories work wonders.
  3. Drink LOTS of water. The air is much dryer here, your body will need it. CBD Living Water is AMAZING for this.
  4. Chapstick! Trust me, your lips will thank you.
  5. Bring sunscreen. At 8200 feet, we are much closer to the sun than you are used to. You will burn very quickly.
  6. Weather – the weather can change quickly here and it almost always cools down significantly in the evening. Wear layers and bring warm clothes.
  7. Alcohol & Cannabis – because of elevation, you will feel the effects from alcohol and cannabis stronger than you would at home, at least for the first day or two. We do NOT want to babysit, please go slow.

A note on cannabis: Kristi is licensed in the industry and has worked as a cannabis adviser in both the medical and retail fields. If you have questions about responsible cannabis therapy or cannabis in general, she is your resource for accurate and valid information. We want you to enjoy Colorado, as well as, remember it. You can also purchase her book, Responsible Cannabis Therapy: How a forbidden herb saved our marriage, our health, and our lives, which tells the entire story of how we discovered an incredible world of health and wellness through daily cannabis supplementation.