SKOL Ranch Putter

SKOL Ranch Disc Golf Putter

Gateway’s most popular disc of any kind, the Gateway Wizard™ is a true, stable workhorse putter. The Wizard holds whatever line you throw it with very little fade during its drop, and is also a great putter in windy conditions (Lord knows wind can be an issue at SKOL Ranch). While stiff enough to hold its line on long putts, the Wizard’s plastic is grippy enough to grab chains every time.

The Wizard handles controlled power very well, thus makes an excellent choice off the tee for midrange drives, in addition to upshots (like hole 6!). The Wizard is a very consistent and accurate disc that should find its way into your bag.

Want to read more about how this putter performs? Check out Gateway’s In-Depth Review.

Foil-printed with a custom SKOL Ranch logo. Various colors include Yellow (with glitter speckle) with Purple foil and (light) Purple with GoldRed, or Green foil. (Specify your preference,but if we sell out, we’ll send you what we have.)

But WAIT! That’s not all!

Besides having a sexy new putter, your disc includes access to our disc golf course for all of 2018! Just show the disc when you arrive, and you’re free to play! (After signing your waiver!)

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